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Expert Counseling Center in Washington, NC

The treatment program at Pamlico Counseling Center has been treating clients for over 20 years. Located in Washington, NC, our counseling center provides outpatient mental health services that take a holistic approach to clients’ healing process. Our professional counselors and years of experience set us apart within the industry.

We specialize in helping those struggling with mental health concerns and substance abuse. For all services, choose from a variety of individual, group, couple, and family therapy sessions. With each service, our specialized counselors use traditional therapeutic methods and professional techniques to guide clients through the process of healing. We also offer therapeutic activities creatively designed by counselors to help engage clients with the given task.

At Pamlico Counseling Center, we staff professionals who are passionate about giving expert counsel and seeing clients through to recovery and beyond. Our counselors are licensed and trained in the latest techniques in the field. Most importantly, every counselor is passionate about leading clients to freedom from mental illness and substance abuse.

When you choose Pamlico Counseling Center for treatment, we guarantee the best counsel, the most individualized attention, and the long-lasting healing you desire. Our 25 years in the industry is a testimony itself. Call us today to learn more about our counseling services and to get set up with a treatment plan!

● One-on-One Counseling ● Group Counseling ● Couples Counseling ● Family Counseling

● Substance Abuse Treatment ● Therapeutic Activities

Individualized Plans

Clients work one-on-one with counselors to make a plan personalized for their healing process. Our professional counselors help make goals and then offer expert, individualized counsel to every client.

Therapeutic Activities

Participating in therapeutic activities at Pamlico Counseling Center helps clients in their recovery processes. Our professional counselors find the most creative and entertaining way to lead activities, ensuring clients are fully engaged.

Expert Counsel

Our professional counselors are trained and licensed to give clients practical and professional counsel. We’re passionate about freeing people from mental health struggles.

Contact Information

For expert care you won’t find anywhere else in Beaufort County, choose the professionals at Pamlico Counseling Center. The journey to recovery starts today. Give us a call at (252) 975-2027 to find the treatment plan that’s best for you! 

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